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Our new location is coming soon! Literally 50 steps aways...

We are happy to announce that we are relocating and STAYING in the neighborhood - to what is going to be a BIGGER, BETTER Molecule Effect. 


Our new spot will be two doors to the north in the new ART DISTRICT FLATS APARTMENT BUILDING at 1225 Santa Fe Dr, about 50 steps away from this location.


While leaving the spot where it all started is bittersweet, we are more than excited to create new and exciting memories in our new location with our community.  


With that said, we have had quite the list of questions so we thought we would throw down a few answers here….


1. Our last full day is March 18th. We will be closing at 9pm and we plan to go out with a bang. Megyn and Mark and the rest of the team will be around not to say goodbye, but instead to say see you soon. 


2. Our new Location is going to open late summer, early fall. Sadly we could not align our current lease ending with the opening of the new location - despite our best efforts. For a sneak peek see the pictures below.


3. Yes, we will be bringing all our events to Santa Fe. This includes Art Openings,  Live Music, Drag Bingo, and Trivia Nights - did we tell you, our new location has a stage.


4. We do not know what will be going into our old location.


5. Our new location will be about double the size.


6. Be sure to visit our other location at 300 S. Logan at the corner of Logan and Alameda (about 10 min away), where all your favorites can be found - including those dang Espresso Martinis that are still 2 for 1 on Saturdays.


7. Follow us on Instagram or Facebook to keep updated on our progress and the great things we have planned. 


Thank you for all your support, we look forward to seeing you and serving you soon! 

In chemistry,

Megyn, Mark and The Molecule Effect Team

Here's just a peek...

IMG B1.jpg

Live Music 

Geeks Who Drink Trivia

Drag Bingo

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