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New Artist - Michelle Anderst

The Molecule Effect welcomes Seattle-based artist Michelle Anderst to her Denver debut art show during 1st Friday art walk. ​Michelle Andersts’ detailed oil paintings serve as an emissary for the natural world, a voice for those who cannot speak. Her lush depictions of fungi, plants, insects, moths and microscopic organisms illuminate the intricate beauty of a world often overlooked. These curious-looking organisms intersect with archetypal geometry describing the illusory divine formula of underlying evolutionary growth patterns. Each painting is created with intention and spell work in servitude to the natural world.

Anderst has exhibited widely in the US and has been featured as an exhibiting artist and live painter at numerous art and music festivals. Most recently she was invited to speak at Imagine Convergence on Orcas Island, completed an artist residency in Australia and was featured as a guest artist at renowned visionary painter Alex Grey's COSM in NY.


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