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Shana Cordon: Collage City | oct - dec 2018

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

From drawings on cave walls at Lascaux to tags on a city subway, humans have marked their environment and cities from the beginning. Whether a political outcry, an artistic expression, an advertisement, or the tag of an individual, the walls of our cities reflect the layered history of its people and the zeitgeist of a time. Through human intervention and elemental degradation, these layers become a collective collage of the citizens, forming a dialogue between city and people.

The photographic lens frames this communication, creating context, story, and a visage of urban life. Just as wabi-sabi cele-brates the aesthetic of impermanence and imperfection, so too Collage City records a specific moment in a constantly chang-ing landscape, and highlights the beauty in the decay. Photos were taken in international cities including Rome, London, Seattle, New York, Stockholm, and Denver.

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