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By The Molecule Effect 23 Sep, 2015

Speaking of food, it's time for Whats up Wednesday and our new restaurant of the week.

You know the one thing about Starbucks is, they’re missing the bar!

But a new, local coffee shop, is mixing it up and Meaghan Mooney`s taking us to the molecule effect for our restaurant of the week.

By The Molecule Effect 15 Sep, 2015
This week is the eighth installment of Appetites! JD and Scott get off South Broadway and go to the Art District on Santa Fe. We visit The Molecule Effect Coffee and Wine and speak to the owners Megyn and Mark about building their business and fostering the community on Santa Fe! Topics discussed include, but are not limited to: respecting the history of a community while moving it forward, keeping things local, why they thought it was a good idea to open a cafe where they did, and Scott eats into the mic for everyone to hear. Enjoy! Check out The Molecule Effect online:

As featured in the podcast Left Hand Right Brain on April 3rd, 2015. To listen to this podcast episode, click here .
By The Molecule Effect 15 Sep, 2015
The Art District on Santa Fe just got a little artier.   The Molecule Effect , a coffee and wine bar owned by partners Megyn Rodgers and Mark Landman, is now open at the corner of West 12th Avenue and Santa Fe Drive, featuring local art on the walls, early morning coffee service starting at 6 a.m. on weekdays, a short list of beer and wine, and a variety of hot and cold sandwiches, panini and other cafe nibbles.
By The Molecule Effect 15 Sep, 2015

The Molecule Effect  sounds like some top-secret military-engineering project. But Mark Landman and Megyn Rodgers are actually naming the all-day lounge they’re opening in the Santa Fe Art District around mid-September for the chemistry involved in the mixing of drinks, the mingling of strangers and the meeting of like minds. Here’s what you need to know about the upcoming hangout.

The Vibe

Landman calls the space “modern-antique-retro-industrial.” If that’s too much to wrap your head around, just think of it as “a blend between a comfortable coffee shop and a hip wine bar,” with the work of local artists lining the walls and all kinds of fun events filling the weekly calendar. In addition to open houses on  First Fridays , for instance, they’ve got Bloody Mary-fueled drop-in backgammon tournaments planned for Sunday mornings.

The Drinks

Coffee drinks made with roasts from  Kaladi  will be “the main focus,” says Landman, supplemented by Happy Leaf Kombucha  on tap (he’ll even be setting up a filling station for growlers). But once the liquor license is in place and “as the sun begins to set, we’ll convert to a wine and beer bar” with a strictly local focus. Ultimately, the couple plans to have eight to 12 wines on offer, including several from Infinite Monkey Theorem , as well as six to eight canned and bottled beers plus a single rotating draft from, say,  Grist Brewing Company . When it comes to cocktails, they’re still exploring the possibilities, but the likelihood is that they’ll pour featured classics like screwdrivers and Tom Collins when the mood strikes them — perhaps in lab beakers. As Landman puts it, “The element of surprise is not a bad thing.”

The Food

Though The Molecule Effect doesn’t have an in-house kitchen, it will offer pastries, salads and sandwiches from local catering company  Share Good Foods , along with chocolate mustaches and other confections from  Ziva Chocolates . In short, the point of the place is “fun fun fun,” says Landman. We’ll report back as the opening date nears.

1201 Santa Fe Dr. Suite A

As featured on on August 6th, 2014. Article written by Ruth Tobias. 

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