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the molecule effect  | denver | colorado

here's the scoop

There were countless conversations and too many scribbled notes on napkins to count that formulated our vision for how we wanted to blend a wine bar and coffeehouse uniquely. For 12 months our date nights, at-home nights, every night and every free moment in between were spent measuring out every detail for the biz. We knew in our bones that the one ingredient that would be our defining trait for our business DNA was chemistry. We really dig mixing stuff together.  


Dead set on being different we filled our place with a bubbling mixture of community, art, and hand-selected items based on quality, integrity and all around deliciousness. Toss in primo a staff, and a sweet atmosphere and bam there's Chemistry - that's The Molecule Effect.

We are located in the nationally acclaimed Denver Art District that's oozing with eclectic neighbors, artists of every style, and tourists from all over the world. Bonus, this neighborhood was the absolute perfect excuse for us to open our hearts and walls to the local art community. So decked out with cool art, we opened our doors in 2014, and sent out the flares beckoning every coffee snob, craft beer nerd, wine lover, and cocktail connoisseur to come on in and breathe in the inspiration and start up a conversation. 


designed with purpose

We're passionate about what we do and love hearing about what others are up to. We're not shy and often silly. We're driven to serve others and try to do so with a fine sense of humor and a little finesse. We give the best we can in everything we do. In full confession, we totally geek out when people tell us that our place is welcoming and feels genuine.


Come on in and say hi. Let's grab something fizzy or flat and exchange a few laughs or ideas over sips over this or that.

Little side note friends: Even though we love you and we love talking every time you come in, we see a lot of people and don't remember every detail, sooo if you have any allergies, please alert us each and every time! We want to make sure you are safe!



mark & megyn | owners | the molecule effect



The Molecule Effect building circa 1980s

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