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New Artist - Matt Parker

Matthew Parker is a multi-media artist based in Denver, Colorado since 2016. His work draws aesthetic influence from various postwar abstract-expressionists such as William De Kooning, Cy Twombly, and Joan Mitchell. While drawing contextual influence from his personal relationship and life-long fascination with dreams, the subconscious, improvised artistic expression, and the extraterrestrial.

This series of paintings was created intuitively - attempting to emulate the feeling of freeform jazz, poetry, scents, and subtle sounds. These multilayered pieces were created by combining watercolor, ink , spray paint, and clear plastic film. While there are repeating motifs, ideas, and symbols throughout the series each piece acts as a singular facet of the whole. Matthew's work can be seen on the cover of Spit

Poet zine vol. 5 as well as online @ink_the_void. 


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