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Will Lee - Ashley

Losing your Grip on the Dreams of the Past.

This installation is inspired by two equal forces. First, youth - by awe at the images of the West that I saw through the car window on family road trips when I was a kid. Second, aging – by dislocation as the myth of the myth of the West came into sharper focus as I became an adult.

I grew up in Colorado Springs and after spending time in the Midwest and overseas, I came back to Denver with my wife. We are now living in the great chaos created by three kids under 6. I have had numerous solo shows and my work is in private collections across the country.

I am inspired by local artists like Floyd Tunson and Willy Matthews as well as others like William Kentridge, Basquiat, and Kara Walker.

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Mark Landman
Mark Landman
Jan 31, 2019

Such great artists, so happy they all have shared their work!

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