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Every Saturday from 4 - 7pm

Nāga is a Denver-based organic-electronic, psychedelic world-fusion live performance group. 


Combining World-beat, Tribal-Ambient, Downtempo and Electro-Dub, with Psychedelic and Experimental Rock, Nāga draws inspiration from around the world, interpreting indigenous, tribal and classical folk traditions. A blend of the ancient and the modern, Nāga’s live performances are often extended mystical explorations featuring psychedelic guitars, mantras, spoken word, tribal drumming, and downtempo electronic beats for a trance-inducing, mind-expanding experience. 


Nāga’s roots began in the late Spring of 2020, during the Covid-19 pandemic, when band members of Quantum Beings of the Miraculous and Forests of Azure began drumming outdoors in a Denver park as a way of staying connected to friends and live music, as well as coping with the isolation of a quarantine. Soon, tribal drumming expanded to include chanting, guitars, and electronic textures, with hypnotic improvisational jams becoming a sort of moving, musical meditation. As more and more players gathered for this ritual of music, the rhythm circle mushroomed into a weekly outdoor event including live tribal-ambient soundscapes and dancers. Over the next several years, a musical and ideological collective coalesced into what is now called Nāga, representing both light emerging from the darkness, as well as destruction, change, and rebirth.

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